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About Us

Supplying Proven Welding Brands

Here at Weldplus we aim to serve you - the welding industry.

Weldplus Being a completely Independent distributor, we don't sell brands just because we have to. We only supply proven welding brands. Sometimes major Welding Brands (we're talking big American brands here that have some Welding Machines that are rubbish and give no end of trouble) aren't worth the trouble.

WELDING - It's the only thing we do. We don't sell woodsplitters, trailers, iphone covers, handbags or powertools. We service what we sell.

SUPPLIES - We stock everything to do with Welding. If you have an obscure part, we will do our best to get it.

We are NZ owned and operated. When you ring us you talk to a real person, not some call centre somewhere else in the world. And we know welding, so we know what we're talking about.

Are you sick of businesses that don't care about you because they have become too big? There's no Corporate BS here. We have a small caring team. We're the welding company that cares.

We started in 1983 from out of a van. We have grown to our present site on Annex Road.  From servicing our customers in Christchurch, Canterbury and across New Zealand. It doesn't matter if you are fabricating Steel for the Dunedin and Christchurch Rugby Stadiums, building the biggest Spray Driers in the world in our Dairy Industry or fixing your stock car in your man cave.

We source products from all over the world that we have tried and tested to be proven. If we find products that aren't up to scratch we don't sell em. FULLSTOP.

A bit about our team:

Darren Allen

Darren grew up on a farm near Ash Vegas (Ashburton). After moving to Christchurch to study Chemistry and working in a Laboratory, he decided to challenge himself by getting into the Business World. 

A proud father of his three children, Darren loves supporting from the sidelines and plays Golf once a year, where he usually wins the Weldplus Open much to everyone's disgust.


Julieta Morgan

The youngest member of our team is our repair technician, Julieta.  She is a fully qualified Appliance Service Technician who hails from Argentina and has been in New Zealand for 7 years.  Her expertise in the repair department is exemplary so you can rest assured that your repairs will be given the utmost attention.

In her spare time she loves to play video games and eat chocolate brownies. She also loves the outdoors and the mountains.


Sophie Mullins

Sophie was born in London and moved out to New Zealand two decades ago. She has taken to the Kiwi lifestyle with gusto, with the All Blacks quickly becoming her favourite Rugby team.

Mother to three wonderful children means a hectic schedule as well as doing the accounting work in the Business.

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